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Home » Child photo portraits at the Chèvre d’Or Hotel in Eze

Child photo portraits at the Chèvre d’Or Hotel in Eze

Child photos portraits at the Chèvre d’Or hotel in Eze: have you ever felt the captivating charm of the Chèvre d’Or in Eze, this enchanting place where every moment is transformed into a work of art? I invite you to discover this experience through a child photo portraits captured on the spot. Together we will explore the delicate art of photographing a child and share a photo session full of joy. Get ready to embark on an artistic and romantic journey!

Child photo portraits gallery

Why the Chevre d’Or Hotel in Eze

An enchanting setting for children at the Chèvre d’Or

Eze, a medieval village perched on the French Riviera, is home to a jewel in its heart: the luxury hotel La Chèvre d’Or. I cannot help but share my delight at this exceptional place which offers a giant chess board and life-size bronze animal representations in its gardens. The chessboard, with its imposing, dark pieces, creates perfect harmony with the soft green of the surrounding lawn. The animal sculptures in turn add a poetic and dreamlike nuance to the panorama already rich in history.

The ideal canvas for unforgettable portraits

As a photographer, I am constantly on the lookout for inspiring frames for my portraits. And here I find everything I need: a soft, golden light that envelops each photographed subject; the perfect balance between shadows and brightness which highlights the facial features; the magical natural landscape which sublimates each expression captured.. Here, each shot is transformed into a true masterpiece. The undeniable splendor of this place honors the angelic faces of the children immortalized in my photos.

Capturing expression with unposed shots

Every time I capture a spontaneous photography portrait, it is an attempt to capture a moment of authenticity. With the child at the Golden Goat in Eze, I sought to immortalize this innocence and joy specific to young souls in such a picturesque environment.

I am convinced of the potential of unposed shots to reveal the true character of an individual. This photographic style has several benefits:

  • It reveals authentic and natural feelings.
  • It provides great freedom for the subject, especially children who can behave freely.
  • The environment interacts with the subject, generating dynamic portraits.
  • The spontaneity of the moment is preserved, giving the images a unique signature.
  • This gives rise to artistic creations imbued with surprising and distinctive beauty.

I still remember the day when I immortalized the child frolicking freely in the winding streets of the Chèvre d’Or. Her crystalline laughter rang out like a symphony as she ran carefree among the vibrant flowers under the azure sky. She was there, totally immersed in her imaginary world, unconscious of the gaze capturing her movements.

I waited patiently for that perfect moment when her pure joy was reflected in her sparkling eyes while giving her enough space to express her vibrant character. And in an instant, I captured this burst of innocence and pure bliss. A sincere and authentic shot, a natural portrait which tells a story full of joy and enchantment in the exceptional setting of the Chèvre d’Or in Eze.

Photographing a child is an art

Finding the Perfect Angle: A Hectic Challenge

Photographing a child is like trying to capture the wind in your hands. This requires a meticulous exercise that requires patience and inventiveness. I remember looking for the best angle to immortalize this little girl at the Golden Goat in Eze. Young people never remain static, they continually discover their environment with inexhaustible curiosity. This incessant movement breathes life into the images and gives them a singularity.

Playing with Light: The Essence of Photographic Art

To best capture this dynamic, it is necessary to manipulate light. Natural clarity remains my favorite for children’s portraits; it gives tenderness and truth to photos, especially when softened by the leaves of the trees or filtered by the shutters of an old window. Visualize the scene: overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, in the lush garden of this legendary hotel that is La Chèvre d’Or in Eze, a little girl is having fun without worrying about the outside world.

  • As if she were enveloped in a magical bubble where only her cheerfulness existed.
  • Finally capturing this special moment certainly requires talent but will also require a lot of artistic sensitivity.

A joyful photo session

Build trust

I can’t start a photo shoot without making sure my little model feels comfortable. La Chèvre d’Or, this sanctuary of tranquility located in Eze, provides an ideal setting for this. The child, with his naivety and innocence, needs to feel the security to reveal his true nature in front of the lens. I take the time necessary to forge this precious bond between the two of us. I show him my camera, I describe to him in a simple way how it works and I even allow him to take a few photos.

Play the photography game

Once this relationship based on trust is established, the real work can begin. The game then becomes not only a means of escape and amusement for the young subject in question but also a valuable aid in my search for the perfect portrait. A spontaneous smile is worth much more than all the artificial smiles in the world! By using toys or improvising funny stories on the spot. Like that of the rabbit who dreamed of being a goat in Eze. I manage to capture these magical moments when the child lets himself totally indulge in the pleasure of the game.

Child photo portraits Black & White vs Color

Then comes the decisive choice between black & white or color photos. Each has its strengths: the first offering unparalleled artistic depth while the second allows you to highlight each vibrant nuance present in this enchanting place that is the Chèvre d’Or . For this specific session, I decided to go for both. The black & white photos highlight the intensity of the expression and the depth of the gaze while the color photos capture the joy and dynamism of our little model.

To finish, if you have child photo portraits to take in Eze on the French Riviera, book me, I will be delighted.