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Eze Wedding Photographer

Eze Wedding photographer, I present to you an unforgettable moment. Imagine saying your vows in the enchanting setting of Eze, a historic village which has retained its old-world charm. You are at La Chèvre d’Or, a luxurious hotel nestled in the heart of the French Riviera. In this article, I will introduce you to this magnificent site and give you advice for organizing your wedding in its sumptuous gardens. But above all, what do you think would be the key to capturing these precious moments? An artistically romantic photograph perhaps?

Eze Wedding Photographer: Wedding gallery

Eze’s choice

A romantic aura in Eze

I cannot deny the romantic atmosphere that envelops this small medieval village perched on the French Riviera. Eze, with its cobbled streets and charming stone houses, is a place where time seems to have stood still. As a professional wedding photographer, I am constantly looking for places full of love and passion. Unsurprisingly, I found my paradise in the mild Mediterranean climate of Eze. But we must not forget this other fabulous place, the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild.

The idyllic setting for memorable photos

Eze offers much more than just a picturesque setting for wedding photos and also children’s portraits: it provides an idyllic backdrop. Just imagine how each photo can capture the brilliance of the setting sun over the Mediterranean Sea, or how the vivid hues of local flowers can bring a vibrant touch to each image. Weddings are events filled with natural beauty and joy. They deserve an equally sublime place to immortalize these precious moments. By choosing Eze as the setting for your special day, you are giving your love the perfect setting they deserve.

History of the village of Eze

Let me tell you the story of the village of Eze, located on the French Riviera, between Nice and Monaco right next to Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat.. Standing proudly at an altitude of 430 meters above sea level, Eze is a feast for the eyes with its medieval-era cobbled lanes and panoramic views of the intense blue Mediterranean.

Named in homage to a Phoenician goddess who embodied beauty and love, Eze has preserved its ancestral charm over the centuries. The village bewitches with its preserved medieval architecture of ancient stone residences with red roofs sparkling under the Mediterranean sun, intertwined in a winding labyrinth of alleys decorated with flowers.

The exotic garden of Eze is a botanical treasure housing precious tropical plant species originating from different regions of the world. Visitors have the opportunity to stroll through this floral haven while savoring the breathtaking coastal scenery from the village’s dizzying peaks.

In the center of Eze lies La Chèvre D’or, a Michelin-starred hotel restaurant housed in a medieval castle that brings all your romantic fantasies to life. It not only offers breathtaking panoramas of the immense sea also creating an idyllic atmosphere for your wedding where I will have the privilege of being your wedding photographer in Eze.

Witnessing your love in this magical place would be for me like immortalizing the brilliance of an endless dream, the romance that flows with the waves of the Mediterranean.

La Chèvre d’Or Luxury Hotel on the French Riviera

Nestled on the heights of Eze, the Chèvre d’Or is a jewel of the French Riviera. This 5-star hotel, whose name evokes a golden and mysterious legend, embodies the essence of refinement and exquisiteness. A peaceful haven imbued with Mediterranean fragrances, its terraces offer breathtaking panoramas of the azure sea.

It is in this extraordinary place that I capture the precious moments of weddings. The soft light that touches the old stones, the hanging gardens populated with century-old olive trees and the authentic charm of the site give an artistic touch to each photograph.

  • The Patio: an intimate space for your couple photos.
  • Exotic Gardens: providing an ideal setting for your portraits.
  • The Gastronomic Restaurant: where your receptions are immortalized in a sumptuous setting.
  • The heliport: for absolutely breathtaking aerial shots.

Every corner of the Chèvre d’Or lends itself to creating memorable memories. As a professional photographer, I dedicate my talent to serving your love so that you can relive these magical moments over and over again.

When dusk comes under the Riviera sky, Eze delicately lights up before my amazed gaze while I capture these romantic images with passion and devotion. Allow me to be the narrator of your love story at the Chèvre d’Or, this place where dreams mingle with reality.

Wedding photos at the Chèvre d’Or

Breathtaking decor

I cannot emphasize enough how the unique panorama of the French Riviera is a major asset for wedding photos at the Chèvre d’Or. Visualize your love immortalized with a backdrop where the azure sky mixes with the deep blue of the sea, bathed in a golden light that will undoubtedly add a magical nuance to your images. You will be enveloped by magical landscapes, between imposing mountains and sparkling sea, offering a naturally dramatic and romantic setting for your ceremony.

Savor the present moment

Beyond the idyllic setting, delight in every moment of this special day in the cozy and luxurious intimacy of the Chèvre d’Or. Let yourself be carried away by this timeless ambiance which exudes discreet charm and true elegance. I capture every smile, every exchange of glances to bring out all the emotional intensity of your day. Your photographs will be marked not only by the surrounding splendors but above all by the happiness shared in this unique place. Entrust me with capturing these precious moments so that they remain forever engraved in your memories.

Organize your wedding ceremony in the gardens of La Chèvre d’Or

The Religious and the Secular Immortalized

Immediately, I immerse myself in the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony, whether secular or religious. With finesse and discretion, I capture the sacred moments that take place within the flourishing gardens of La Chèvre d’Or. Each image reflects the shine of the sun on your blossoming faces, the gravity of the vows made and the love sparkling in your eyes.

Cocktail: A Moment of Relaxation in Pictures

The convivial spirit of the cocktail is another crucial element to immortalize. I carefully freeze each smile exchanged, each communicative laugh under the azure firmament of the Côte d’Azur. The collective photos are taken with an eye for spontaneity and a keen artistic sensitivity; they represent more than just ordinary clichés – they exude the pure happiness of a moment shared between loved ones.

A Loving Couple on Panoramic Background

There is nothing more romantic than a series of wedding photos of the newly married couple in front of the breathtaking panorama of the French Riviera. These special moments of the couple are immortalized with meticulous attention: each shared look, each tender touch is captured by my lens to create a palpable memory that perfectly reflects your unique love. These photos aren’t just pretty pictures, they’re lyrical representations of your relationship.

To conclude

In conclusion with my artistic experience of wedding photography, prestigious and wonderful locations, it is wise that I am your wedding photographer in Eze.