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French Riviera Wedding Photographer

Marc Lucascio Artist Photographer

I am Marc Lucascio, artist photographer specializing in prestigious weddings in France, on the French Riviera and obviously Paris. My deep love for my profession and my incomparable creativity position it as one of the choices par excellence to capture your precious day in images.

Marc Lucascio artist photographer

I fully understand what marriage means. I understand that it is not just about two people making a promise to be together, but also about the union of family and friends sharing an exceptional and priceless moment. Each shot I shoot tells a part of this adventure, capturing not only the highlights but also the little exchanges that make up all the charm of the big day.

My distinct artistic style subtly blends romance and authenticity through photojournalism. I play with delight with the contrasts between light and darkness in order to create photos full of feelings. My trained eye allows me to catch these fleeting moments when everything seems to be suspended: an intense look, a shy smile, an undisguised emotion.

Specialist in weddings in France, by choosing me as your French Riviera wedding photographer, you are choosing not only an expert committed to his art but also a true visual storyteller who will make your day unforgettable thanks to his magical photos worthy of tales contemporaries.

Wedding expertise

The Capture of Intimacy

Let me paint you a picture: imagine a newly married couple, absorbed in their shared world, joy beaming on their faces. It is this special moment that I strive to immortalize during wedding ceremonies. I am a passionate photographer operating on the French Riviera. My mission is to record these intimate moments that remain anchored in the hearts and minds of lovers forever.

The Illustration of Love

Love is not just a feeling; it is a complex framework that is built over time, improves and strengthens day after day. As a professional photographer specializing in weddings, my role goes beyond simply taking photos. It consists of telling this unique story of affection between two people through my images. When I immortalize these precious moments in the enchanting setting of the French Riviera, each photo illustrates a page of the romantic book that your union evokes.

Capturing Moments

The wedding is not just a day. Rather, it constitutes a tangle of precious moments forming a singular and splendid experience. From the morning preparations to the final nighttime dancers, every moment can be transformed into an eternal memory thanks to the keen eye of the expert wedding photographer that I am. Armed with my artistic sensitivity and meticulous attention to detail, I am dedicated to capturing every moment of your wedding, creating images that tell your love story like no other can. My expertise in bridal photography makes me the ideal option to immortalize your exceptional day on the French Riviera.

The art of the natural setting

When it comes to integrating the environment into my work, I express my talent. I capture the vibrant hues of the Mediterranean coastline, like this magnificent wedding in Eze, the sparkle of turquoise waters and the warmth of copper sunsets to shape lasting memories. The French Riviera is not just a place; it’s a living canvas that I use to sketch your romance with finesse and passion.

Each shot that I immortalize on film reflects not only the grandiose landscape but also the intimacy shared between two beings who promise each other eternal love under the azure Mediterranean sky. Far from traditional images, I manage to sublimate every moment thanks to this naturally magical panorama. You will discover another side of the French Riviera. The one who knew how to awaken wonder and inspire me in my artistic approach.

Why choose me as your photographer

Choosing me as your photographer for your wedding on the French Riviera means opting for excellence. My artistic vision and romantic approach guarantee shots that delicately immortalize every magical moment of your big day.

  • I offer unparalleled attention to detail, capturing subtle emotions and spontaneous moments.
  • Hanks to my technical mastery and creativity, I can exploit the natural light of the French Riviera to create breathtaking images.
  • My impeccable professionalism is recognized. It allows me to be present without clutter while still capturing all the precious moments.
  • I offer a service adapted to each couple, taking the time to build an authentic relationship in order to understand their desires and expectations.

In conclusion

In conclusion, trusting me means peace of mind. You can be sure that your story will be told with passion and sincerity by an artist photographer. Each photo will become a precious treasure. This treasure you will cherish long after you have eaten the cake and seen the flowers fade. A wise choice for lasting memories!