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Wedding service prices

Portfolio evaluation

Artistic quality: the essence of photography

I invite you to delve into the photographer’s portfolio. Let yourself be transported by the images, perceive their expressive force. Artistic quality is manifested in the subtle details of an image, the harmony of colors, the composition and the interaction with light. It is essential to capture the romantic and magical environment of your wedding on the French Riviera.

Personal style: a unique signature

Every photographer has a distinct style that shines through in their work. It can be traditional or modern, reserved or bold. This personal style gives a specific imprint to each shot and builds an incomparable visual narrative for your special occasion. Loving this style means that you have found the professional capable of telling your love story like no other can.

Here are Wedding Service Prices

The packages present include:

  • Travel,
  • Accommodation for a day,
  • Sending the album(s) by post,
  • Delivery of HD files via the Cloud.
  • Smiles and artistic skills of photographers

If you wish to book me for one extra day, a quote will be established. Lunch and evening meals are not included.

A deposit of 30% of the package must be paid upon signing the contract. Payment is made directly in my shopping gallery by following the payment link.
The balance will be paid on the wedding day via the same payment link.

Wedding service prices: the budget to consider

It is essential to consider budget when selecting the photographer for your French Riviera wedding ceremony. Artistic creativity and romantic approach should not be limited by financial restrictions.

Consider the many factors that influence your budgeting:

  • The number of hours spent by the photographer on site
  • The complexity and variety of the desired shots
  • The expertise and reputation of the professional
  • The necessary preparations in advance (identification, meetings with the future spouses)
  • Additional costs (transport, accommodation)
  • I highly recommend having a frank and clear conversation with your potential photographer regarding these elements. A true professional will be able to adjust their services to your requests while respecting your budgetary constraints.

In conclusion

Remember that every euro spent in this service will be enhanced by priceless memories immortalized with passion and sensitivity. The price may seem high at first glance, but remember that the photos will be one of the only tangible testimonies of this exceptional day spent on the French Riviera.